I am a web developer based in Geelong

I am a web developer based in Geelong, I used to create stylish, dynamic and accessible websites for all kinds of clients, from individuals and small companies, to large high-profile and social networking websites.My interests are anything web/online related .. I enjoy web development and its a huge part of my life. I got craze in web development around 10 years back while I was doing my post graduation and I opted my career in IT industry.

Magento Import Products Programmatically

If you want to import all the products from magento programmatically to csv format use the following code


Create Magento Admin User Programatically

create a new php file with following code and upload to the root directory and run …


Magento MYSQL queries

Sales Query : get the month-wise sales data for a period with currency code

 Product Attributes Query code Рattribute_id name 71 varchar description 72 text short_description 73 text meta_title 82 varchar visibility 102 int


Magento Export and Import Customer from one Server to another

Step  1 : Export Customers as CSV make a standalone php script

function for get attribute list with customer and customer address entity

Get Customer Collection

Full Export Script

Full Import Script